Visual products

There are all kinds of reasons for going visual. Images and words combined stimulate both the analytic and synthesizing abilities of the brain. Images are powerful magnets for our memory.  Especially if they are emotionally charged.
And last but not least: images are a lot of fun!


Illustrations, Cartoons & comics

An overload of text makes reports disappear into a drawer. Quick illustrations and cartoons are perfect to lighten the mood & explain difficult and tough concepts. Especially if humor is involved!

graphic recording & facilitation

The red thread of your epic event or workshop, neatly condensed into a powerful graphic, that's what a graphic recording is. And you actually want to read it afterwards! Great on social media.

explainer videos

Getting your idea, pitch or story across can be a challenge. Animations combine image, text and sound for triple impact! A simple, colorful and unique animation technique.

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