photo: Bram Kloos

photo: Bram Kloos

About Kanai

My name is Anabella Meijer. Kanai is my alter ego

Even though you're not always supposed to, I like to make things fun & accessible. Especially knowledge that's boring or plain depressing, but that we can't do without.

So I use visuals and fun to tackle problems as broad as making it fun to read Terms & Conditions on a website, making reports of projects will not end up in a drawer, and now, making a comic book on climate change that will make people smile.

And I know what I'm talking about! Since early 2015 I've been specializing in climate change communication & psychology. Also, I get regular compliments on my own visual (dutch) terms & conditions. No, really, people read them for fun.

On a more personal note: a few years ago I turned myself from a depressed jobless architect into someone who harnesses the strength of fun and creativity to meet life's challenges. Spoiler: comics were involved...