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Draw-till-you-drop Bootcamp

  • Atelier Wildschut 15 Tt. Neveritaweg Amsterdam, NH, 1033 Netherlands (map)

Are you a professional who is already using drawing in his/her work, like a graphic recorder, trainer or facilitator? And are you struggling with the technical aspects of drawing?

Then this might just be what you've been looking for. Because you want to concentrate on what you do best, and drawing should support that, not cost you more energy. And this is exactly what the Bootcamp is about:


 It ain't gonna be a walk in the park....

It ain't gonna be a walk in the park....

See what lies beneath the surface

As Graphic facilitators, we specialize in expressing the core of things. Now, that's exactly what you need to do when you draw as well. You see, what we teach in the Bootcamp is to see beyond the first impression of form and grasp the real essence of things. Because only when you can see that essence you are able to make a good drawing. And only a good drawing communicates what you want it to. Read more about how this works in this series of blogs Kanai wrote.

Learn from the experts

To bring you this unique experience Kanai is teaming up with Hélène Aarts, artist and experienced university teacher of drawing at Eindhoven Technical University and former teacher of Drawing at Delft Technical University. Hélène went to art school and learned to teach the technical aspects of drawings in Delft from the very best. She knows stuff about cubes and cylinders you didn't even know existed or even mattered!
Kanai herself has been working as a graphic facilitator and cartoonist for over 3 years, after a short career as an architect. Her architecture training laid the foundation for a solid knowledge of drawing. Nowadays she specializes in making abstract & difficult stuff easy and fun through drawings. And that's exactly what she'll be doing for you during the Bootcamp, because theory can be very boring! Check out her work here

 Anabela Meijer (alias Kanai)...

Anabela Meijer (alias Kanai)...

 ...and Hélène Aarts in action

...and Hélène Aarts in action

Personal guidance enhanced by group learning

We are limiting the number of participants to 10 so we can offer you the best possible learning experience. You get personal insights from us based on your work and get to learn from the insights and skills by sharing and seeing others' work.

Theory and practice rolled into one

We will be offering a rich program covering as much topics as we can without exhausting you (too much). From perspective drawing to the use of color, from composition to shading. You will receive a handout in advance to get acquainted with some theory, which we will exercise during the Bootcamp. 

Left and right brain use

We will be offering you some hardcore theory so be ready for real learning! But don't despair. There's plenty of time to draw and experiment. Besides exercising the theory we challenge you with drawing 'snacks' to tickle your intuitive mind and offer longer creative exercises where you apply the knowledge and tools just learned. 

This is what the Bootcamp is NOT:

-a place to learn drawing from scratch
-a place to learn graphic recording from scratch
-a place to practice your graphic recording skills

There will be, however, opportunities to apply your newly gained knowledge in graphic recording and see how you have grown!

It IS a Bootcamp...but we'll have fun too!

This is no cosy afternoon watercolor course. On Saturday we work 10am - 10 pm. Sunday we work 10am - 6pm. 20 hours crammed into two days. After all, we're offering to teach you what it usually takes students in Eindhoven weeks to master! So be ready... Maybe it's wise to book you room nearby in order to have a good nights rest.  

But to keep this up for 20 hours, we should also take care of our bodies. We'll be spoiled for lunch and a delicious vegetarian dinner on day 1, and lunch and teatime on day 2. The river IJ with harbor a close by so you can have a walk when you need to.

Venue and supplies

We will be received by our Host Corinna of the Atelier Wildschut at the NDSM wharf, an exciting piece of industrial heritage easily accessible by bus and Ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. Besides yourself, we expect you to bring your favorite drawing materials. On location there are also various drawing materials and we provide sufficient paper.

IMG_0075 luchtschip.jpeg


Because we want to make the most of the learning experience, we would like to receive people with a similar level of expertise. The starting point is: you already draw, but you want more background knowledge. We're keeping the group small, 10 people max. This means you'll be getting intensive, qualitative instruction of one supervisor per five participants.


The Bootcamp will be an unforgettable experience, because you bet that the pressure cooker setting will make miracles flow from your fingers! The first edition in May 2016 received a great score of 8 out of 10 from the participants. The fall edition even brought some participants from abroad. Here's what they say:

A highly complicated graphic facilitation job right the week after the Bootcamp went really well. Thanks to the Bootcamp, I was so much more confident, and therefore remained calm even in the midst of the storm. Amongst other things, I also noticed how drawing shadows and shades, cubes and circles happened with much more ease after the profound theoretical inputs and all the practice during the 2 fully packed days. Something had finally clicked and it was as if I had never really “seen” the objects I drew before. And believe me, Helene and Anabella are a team made for teaching: Helene is a never ending fountain of theories, which she presents with a very contagious passion bug whilst Anabella constructs physical objects ensuring even beginner minds like me can follow at any time. Now, weeks later, I still am connected to these amazing two ladies through the many resources that came with the workshop, and which I continue to use. Thank you, Anabella, thank you Helene!!
— Wiebke Koch, Graphic facilitator, Berlin
The Drawing Bootcamp has proven to be the highest Return on Investment I had ever gained from any professional setting I’ve been to (and I’ve been to more than I wish to remember).
In a short period of time, I learned just how much I DON’T KNOW about drawing while getting the tools, theories, practice and motivation to push me towards ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. The combination of Anabella and Hélène is golden, and between the two of them they’re holding a mountain of knowledge which is of true value for any professional who is working with drawing and looking to enhance their skills and confidence, so that on in real time that can deliver results which offer a visually inviting experience, i.e. make people want to look at them read the message and take it home. You’ll never look at a cube the same way again :)
— Tamar Harel, Graphic Facilitator & Proces designer, Utrecht
So you think you can draw? Yes. No. Uh. Maybe.
Having skipped drawing lessons in youth, but visualizing change in corporations, I really wondered what I had missed. I had no fear to draw. Got tons of positive feedback too. But how can I continuously improve myself?
To find out, the best way is to join the Draw-till-You-Drop-bootcamp. Time is scarce. And the instant-economy is demanding ;-) so 20 hours of effort in one-go fits my schedule...
Scars on my hand, but oh-boy my lines are straight, my circles ellips-y, and cast-shadow matters more than we think. My cast-shadow, ‘my very own dark side’ was winking at me....
— Yuen Yen Tsai, Graphic facilitator at