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Impact night: what art can do

  • Impact Hub 2C Linnaeusstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1092 CK Netherlands (map)

Kanai pitcht mee op deze co-creatieavond!

Een event georganiseerd door Heroes & Friends, The Turnclub en Impact Hub Amsterdam.


Van het facebookevent:

"You are invited for an evening where we will explore together how to use creativity and art to scale social impact. We want to connect awesome people with impactful creative action.

We invite you to pitch your impact project within an informal setting and share a challenge you face. Or you can think along and co-create solutions with the presenters. The audience is actively engaged in a participatory/interactive process where everyone can learn, contribute and connect with others in an informal setting."

My question:

When people think of climate change, it's a recipe for negativity, apathy or plain depression. The purpose of this book is to give hope. How? By showing kind, compassionate and hilariously painful cartoons about the big mess we're in. But also: show a glimpse of the way out.  This book will not be about judgement, but about showing a way to go beyond being judgmental, especially to yourself, in order to feel you can actually make a difference.

My challenge:

The target audience for this project is the group of people that have climate change somewhere in the back of their minds, that feel conflicted, guilty even, depressed maybe. But how to find them? They are not 'active' yet. They will not read books on climate change. The idea to solve this now do a massive 'dropping' of books all over the Netherlands. A book that will playfully draw you in, by seducing you to read it. But will people actually pick them up and read them? I did a large scale test two weeks ago, the dropping of 800 cards, with very little results. What's next? How can I test this concept further? Or come up with a better idea?

The card dropping....