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Your eyes are open......

...but your hands are still in your pockets. 
You can see the enormous threat of climate change,
But wonder what you could possibly do about it. 




Well, you're completely right!

Let's face it, there's nothing you can do nowadays without causing something terrible like child labor, cancer or climate change. So where to start? How can you have real impact on climate change, when others don't do their bit? And what's in it for you?

The solutions on offer are either confusing of downright tedious. In order to be a good person in the 21st century, you're not allowed to do anything fun. Or so it seems. Sustainability is uninspiring, energy draining and ridiculously expensive. Yay. 


Good news: sustainability can be fun. And sexy.

That's what this book is about.But in order to achieve that we have to deal with it in a completely different manner. Bear with me and imagine the following situation:

You want to learn how to cook healthy meals, but you want them to be quick, easy and tasty. So you signed up for a cooking course. The instructor hands you a bag with ingredients, containing a suspiciously large amount of turnips, and shows you a picture of the dish, that doesn't look too tasty. He then wishes you good luck. Would you pay for this course?

Of course not. And yet....this is exactly what is expected of you. You get some facts chucked at you and are expected to act on them. Only this time it's not about preparing a simple dish, but about the biggest transition in human history. Literally everything in our societies has to change. Everyone has to contribute, so you're told. Solar panels on rooftops, cycling to work, etc. You know the drill, so just do it. Right?



Before we continue:

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Where were we? aah! the missing pieces of the puzzle

Think of our amateur cook again. He/she feels stressed, powerless, frustrated. Where is the #$%@ recipe? And does it even taste any good? Your situation with climate change isn't very different. An array of different feelings show up. Overwhelm. Powerlessness. Panic. Anger. Guilt. Oh... the guilt.

But has anyone asked you how you feel, in relation to your impact? What you would want to do about it in the first place? And if it's even an option, now, in this moment in your life?  

Nope. And yet it is here, with the feeling, wanting  & being able where the key to pleasant action lies. These three missing steps are essential in getting from knowing to doing. In other words: where did the whole human process go?


intermezzo: behaviour change for dummies.

What we want....

What we want....

....and how it is.

....and how it is.


five steps towards a flourishing future

See this book as your guide. It takes you through the process of feeling - wanting- being able. Amusing, embarrassing and painfully recognizable comics and cartoons give you insight into the struggle that every person goes through in matters like these.

Attractive illustrations and infographics provide factual knowledge about both climate change and our stubborn human nature. It's soothing to know you're not weird. Just human.

The book also contains inspiring and hopeful stories about real people that have fully embraced the reality of climate change. These are stories about personal growth, meaning and inspiring encounters, showing how fulfilling life can be when you engage in system change.

That recipe with the turnips can turn out to be pretty darn tasty!

Making a complicated situation fun and accessible, that's the idea. Does this sound ridiculously ambitious? It sure is! But it's possible. This book shows how. Because this is the aim:

Have fun, be awesome, Change the world.



about the author

My name is Anabella Meijer and I work as a visual storyteller, cartoonist and graphic recorder, which basically means I get paid to doodle during meetings.  

Turning complexity into attractive visuals is my core business. Besides that, I've been specializing in psychology and communication on climate change since early 2015. And I know what I'm talking about! I get regular compliments on my own visual (dutch) terms & conditions. No, really, people read them for fun!

On a more personal note: a few years ago I turned myself from a depressed jobless architect into someone who harnesses the strength of fun and creativity to meet life's challenges. Spoiler: comics were involved...

My own climate persona is a fluctuating state between Mo and Sheila, mostly Sheila.


"First aid kit for climate change: a five step program towards a flourishing future, for you and the planet"

"First aid kit for climate change: a five step program towards a flourishing future, for you and the planet"