Was it easy to recognize others in the personas, just not yourself?
Well, you're not the only one!

Take the time to meet Jane, Patty and the others. They're human, just like you!



Jane asks the right questions and so do you. Because let's face it, solutions have to be realistic. Life goes on: the mortgage doesn't pay itself, and neither do the children's uniforms.. But you also know SOMETHING has to be done. In that case, it might be advisable to read the book. But there are no guarantees here, and certainly not a 99% guarantee. After all, there are times when you just need to close your eyes, hold your nose, and take the plunge.
So: is the beginning of an exciting adventure?




If you can see the huge challenge ahead then you're like Hugh.  Why isn't everyone else like that? Your roof is plastered with solar panels and you're a member of a wind energy coop. Warm shower? Once a week tops. Meat? Who even eats that!? The planet can count on you. But it can be tough. And lonely. Friends and family seem to be avoiding conversations about clean energy with you. Maybe it's a good idea to read the book. 

Climate science communication is a science too, right? 



Do you recognize yourself in Tyler? Then you know that the most important thing in life is to enjoy it. Travel the globe, spend time with your friends and build a successful carrier. Settle down in a quiet neighborhood to raise a family. Yes, there ARE problems in the world. But you can't be expected to solve them all! It's too depressing to even think about. Reading the book is a waste of time for you.

Yet there's always that thought in the back of your mind: is this all there is to life? 



If you're like Mo, then to you the world is a frustratingly complex place. Big Data, Climate Change, geopolitical turmoil. You're a concerned citizen doing your bit, but what's the point of it all? The proverbial water to the sea. And the sacrifices are so enormous.....In that case, it is highly advisable to read the book. After all, the promise of this book, is that it will make you feel light and relieved after reading it. Full of new energy and inspiration.
How does that sound?




Grace sort of covers what you're like but is, of course, a disgustingly superficial stereotype. A stereotype produced by a bankrupt system which you fight against together with other enlightened souls. But time is running out. Besides, marching yourself all the way into burnout isn't going to get you anywhere. In that case, maybe, just maybe, reading the book will help you inspire and seduce others to get active too (and cut you some slack). But then again, you have your ideals! It's what makes you so dertermined. This book is probably way too mushy for you. .



The world was once a very different place. So you know, just like Sheila does, that it can change once more! This means thinking in solutions. And by the way: what kind of a life is a life without meaning anyway?! Your energy and achievements are inspiring to many. And yet...sometimes your incandescent optimism can hurt others. Learning how to dim your light strategically can help you reach even more people with your mission.
ead the book only if you have some time to spare (but that rarely is the case).



Are you a little like Alistair? Then you are a true optimist. You see opportunities where others moan and complain. You believe in freedom, hard work and being rewarded accordingly. To you, this looks an awful lot like a bothersome left-wing pamphlet, nagging about what you're not allowed to do and so forth. Not worth your time, and time IS money after all.
And yet...in the future you'll also need business models. That will be hard to achieve if we don't act smart and responsibly NOW. Oh well, don't read the book and leave it to the activists....



If you're like Patty, then you know that in this world, it's impossible to know what's real and true. Red wine is supposed to be healthy....Then it's not. Politicians line their pockets and meanwhile your health insurance coverage is shattered. The world becomes more dangerous every day, but the left concerns itself with bees and baby seals. Read the book? Right! Of course you have WAY better things to do.
Even so, you sometimes ask yourself: what world are my grandchildren going to grow up in?